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Silly Turkey Headband Thanksgiving Craft for Kids

Hey there North Jersey families! Thanksgiving break fun is such a perfect time to do activities we might not have time for during our overwhelming day to day lives. We have time to sleep in, snuggle, relax, and do things that activate our creative sides when we are finally given the much needed opportunity to take a break from the Rat Race. If your family likes to explore creativity through crafting, this Silly Turkey Headband is perfect for thanksgiving break. Your kids are sure to get a giggle at their parents wearing these goofball headbands 😅🤭.

Here are the instructions:

1. Gather materials: colored construction paper (brown,white, red, yellow, and orange), scissors, glue, a stapler, googly eyes, sharpie, and feathers (if they're accessible) .

2. Cut a strip of brown construction paper for the headband, ensuring it fits comfortably around the child's AND parent's head. Staple the ends together to form a circle.

3. Cut out two circle eye shapes from the paper to create the turkey's eye's. Glue googly eyes in silly places within thr eyes.

4. Cut a small red triangle for the turkey's beak and glue it below the eyes. Add a small, curved piece of red paper for the wattle just below the beak.

5. Cut several feather shapes from different colored construction paper or use your feathers if you have them. Make sure they are long enough to stand out on the headband. Arrange and glue the feathers onto the back of the turkey face.

6. To add extra flair, cut out small orange shapes for the feet and glue them to the bottom of the headband.

7. Let the glue dry completely before wearing the festive turkey headband!

See ours here!

Enjoy the crafty Thanksgiving fun, take pictures, and tag us @jerseycitypartycharacters

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