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What does a party usually include?

A ONE character party  includes:


-Song Performance (if character sings/has a song)


-Games (i.e. freeze dance, etc.)

-Singing Happy Birthday/Photos!

Add-ons are an extra cost! Ask us about other optional add-ons/activities.

How much does it cost?

For ONE Character doing everything stated above, it is $225 for ONE hour. Please visit our Services page for more info or request the specific services you desire for your special day at Book Online!

And we kindly suggest you tip your performer at the end! Our performers work hard to arrive and bring you the magic.

Can I request a specific performer?

Requesting a specific performer is up to our availability. You may do so but we cannot promise that performer will be available the day/time of your event. Please remember all of our performers are trained to provide you a wonderful experience. 

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