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Princess Like Me! Bringing Princesses to Life for Children of Color

Princesses are often a child's first time being exposed to characters that they look up to and want to see themselves in. Children see them as elegant, intelligent, and beautiful. We are seeing so many wonderful new princesses of color as the world grows more aware and thoughtful in the media it produces, but there's still a schism. So, we're offering "Princess Like Me" experiences for families of color!

What is Princess Like Me?

Princess like me is an opportunity to request a performer that your child sees themselves in, in a role that is traditionally white.

Why Choose Princess Like Me?

Representation matters! If you feel your child would benefit from a Princess Like Me experience, we want to make it happen.

How Do I Request Princess Like Me?

No need to be shy! Just let us know you're interested in Princess Like Me in your booking form. We will work with you from there!

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