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Creative Cake Ideas for Your Princess Birthday Party!

Princess themed cakes are always fun for birthday parties, but they can be loaded with difficult to cut fondant, egregious amounts of buttercream, and odd shapes that even the most seasoned party host can't quite serve properly. I still throw myself themed birthday parties (yes at my big age), and the cake is one of my favorite parts of the celebration. I love coming up with silly ways to say "happy birthday", creative decorations, and fun flavours. With my birthday still months away, I've decided to dedicate this cake creativity towards coming up with ideas for other people. So, without further backstory, here are my non traditional Princess Jasmine, Queen Elsa, Princess Belle, and Princess Tiana Princess Birthday Party cake ideas.

Princess Jasmine

"A Whole New World" is perhaps the most memorable and icononic scene from Aladdin. In this scene, Aladdin and Princess Jasmine enjoy their evening magic carpet ride surrounded by a gorgeous starry night, making a starry night cake a beautiful homage to the film that isn't too gimicky. I would even move some of the stars on this cake over and hace "shinning, shimmering, (child's name) on top. To elevate the experience, request a Jasmine tea flavor!

Princess Birthday Party Cake Jasmine Theme

Queen Elsa

Subtle snowflakes adorn this simple circle cake to add an elegamt touch to your Frozen birthday party theme. I would perhaps request the base frosting on this cake in the ice blue color Elsa wears to make it more on theme, but otherwise this cake is so cute. Consider a white chocolate or blueberry flavor for this cake!

Princess Birthday Party Cake Elsa Theme

Princess Belle

Princess Belle's iconic yellow ballgown looks like a cake already! So this pick was pretty easy. This "vintage" tier cake in pastel yellow would be darling at your Princess Belle birthday party. I'd recommend a lemon flavor to accompany this pretty yellow cake.

Princess Birthday Party Cake Belle Theme

Princess Tiana

This is perhaps the most intricate looking of the cakes I've chosen, but it's actually a very simple cake. This one is from Lower East Side bakery, Nazli & Co and it's a simple buttercream icing with real flower decor. I think this cake is reminiscent of the Bayou and so floral and pretty like Princess Tiana's gown. I think that prailine would be a great flavor for this cake!

Princess Birthday Party Theme Tiana Cake

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