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DIY Moana Birthday Party Decor

So you've already hired Moana from Jersey City Party Characters for your child's birthday party. Step one of your amazing Moana party is complete.

Step two is decking out your house or event space with Moana themed decor. Here are a few DIY Moana party decoration ideas we've collected in our years of party princess-ing!

  1. Tropical Paradise Backdrop: Transform your party space into a tropical paradise by creating a stunning backdrop. Start by covering a large foam board or a plain wall with turquoise or blue fabric to resemble the ocean. Add a layer of brown or tan fabric at the bottom to represent the beach. Enhance the backdrop with artificial palm leaves, colorful paper flowers, and seashells. You can also print and cut out Moana-themed images to stick on the backdrop for an extra touch.

  2. Creative Table Settings: Set the scene at the party table with Moana-inspired table settings. Use a vibrant tablecloth with a tropical print or a solid color that matches the movie's theme, such as teal or coral. Decorate each place setting with seashell-shaped plates, palm leaf placemats, and bamboo cutlery tied together with raffia ribbon. Add a personalized touch by creating Moana-themed place cards featuring the names of each guest.

  3. Flower Crown Station: Channel Moana's love for flowers and encourage guests to embrace their inner islander with a DIY flower crown station. Set up a table with a variety of fresh or silk flowers, floral wire, and tape. Provide simple instructions or print out tutorials to guide guests through the crown-making process. Let them choose their favorite blooms and create their own unique crowns to wear throughout the party.

  4. Coconut Bowling: Create a fun Moana-inspired game by transforming ordinary coconuts into bowling pins. Empty and clean several plastic water bottles, then decorate them to resemble coconuts using brown paint or adhesive brown paper. Set up a bowling alley using a flat surface or hallway, and let the little ones take turns rolling a Moana-themed ball to knock down the coconut pins. It's a delightful game that adds an element of adventure to the party.

  5. Moana Sailboat Centerpieces: For eye-catching and thematic centerpieces, make Moana sailboats using colored paper and straws. Cut out sail shapes from colorful cardstock and attach them to long paper straws using glue or tape. Fill a small glass jar or vase with sand or pebbles and place the sailboat in the center. You can also add small seashells or miniature palm trees to complete the look. These adorable sailboats will bring a touch of Moana's oceanic world to the table.

  6. Ocean-Inspired Balloon Arch: No party is complete without balloons, and you can create a stunning ocean-inspired balloon arch as a focal point. Inflate an assortment of blue, teal, and green balloons to different sizes. Use a balloon arch kit or attach the balloons to a sturdy wire or fishing line in an arch shape. Add tropical foliage and flowers to the arch for a magical touch. Hang the arch as a backdrop for photos or above the dessert table to create a captivating visual display.

We would love to see how these come out for you! Tag us on instagram @jerseycitypartycharacters

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