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Jasmine and Cinderella Make the Farmer's Market a Whole New World of Fun in Jersey City

Today at the Farmer's Market in Downtown Jersey City, Princesses Jasmine and Cinderella gave a royal performance sponsored by the Historic Downtown Jersey City Special Improvement District. They were joined by old friends such as Juju, a regular attendee pictured with Jasmine and Cinderella above, and new friends too!

Jasmine and Cinderella were excited to sing their favorite songs! They sang "A Whole New World" and "A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes", then they played an energetic game of freeze dance, followed by Cinderella teaching "The Princess Dance". Once our royal guests were done busting a move, the royal guests taught them a few princess lessons! Jasmine taught them to wave, stand, and curtesy, and Cinderella taught them the princess affirmations.

"I am smart, I am strong, I am brave" could be heart all through downtown and the young princesses in training repeated it with Cinderella and Jasmine.

Once the affirmations were firmly planted in the minds of our young guests, we moved them over to our princess glam table to be treated to glitter hairstyles, Jasmine ponytails, and face painting. Jasmine and Cinderella managed hairstyles while our loyal, royal assistant Taty, tackled face paint. It was a BLAST.

After a fun night, our princess squad wound down at Bareburger for a much needed steak and shake dinner. There's never a dull day in Historic Downtown and we here at Jersey City Party Characters are proud to be part of making magic in Jersey City. We look forward to seeing you on 9/9/2023 at the All About Downtown Street Fair!

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Our magic making is sponsored by:

The Orthopedic Center, Ani Ramen, The Ashford, Six 26 Lounge, Garden State Infusions, Boots and Bones, Stellas Empanadas, Silverman, Smile Preschool and Nursery, Downtown Flwr, Keyhole Bar, BinDrop, Grace Omalley's, Cream, Postnet, Barcade, Basiles Pizza, Bang Cookies, Grid Realestate, Whole Spectrum Autism, Modern Family Dentistry, Jersey City Medical Center, and the City of Jersey City.

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