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Princess Anna Celebrates a Birthday in Weekhawkin, NJ!

When she received the invitation, Princess Anna was elated! She couldn't wait to party with the Princess of Weekhawkin, NJ and she was estatic to be visiting New Jersey again. She adored visiting with princesses in Downtown Jersey City just a few weeks prior.

When she arrived at the birthday party, Princess Anna sauntered around introducing herself to every guest. Then she sang her favorite songs! The guests were elated by the live singing Princess performance. After singing, Anna taught Princess lessons to the children. They learned to walk, curtsey, wave, and be kind. Then, Princess Anna crowned the birthday girl an official princess.

Princess Anna learned how to paint from her friend Rapunzel, and she was excited to show off her skills at the birthday party. So she face painted all the children! It was a joyous time

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