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Princess Ariel Visits TriBeca, NYC!

Princess Ariel came to visit TriBeca, New York Citt for a princess birthday party last weekend! She loved visiting the Big Apple and had so much fun trying a slice of NYC pizza at the birthday party!

At the celebration, Princess Ariel aka the Little Mermaid came to entertain the guests. After she greeted all of the little princesses, she sang her favorite song "Part of Your World". She then led freeze dance, the princess dance, and she taught princess lessons to the children. Once the children were deemed official princesses, the face paint fun began! Ariel made them into little fishes, crabs, and mermaids. A seasoned, birthday party entertainer, Ariel then took charge of the photo session. She gathered the children and put in a photo shoot with all of her new princess friends.

Ariel said that she can't wait to do more princess birthday parties in New York City.

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