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Princess Jasmine Visits Tribeca, NYC

Princess Jasmine was invited to an Aladdin themed birthday party in Tribeca, NYC last weekend. She said that the party was shinning, shimmering, and splendid. The birthday party was a celebration for a very special princess turning 5 years old. Princess Jasmine was invited as a surprise guest for the birthday girl who just adores the Aladdin story. Flattered by the birthday girl's adoration, Jasmine decided to provide entertainment for the party. She sang have favorite songs "A Whole New World" and "Speechless", then coordinated a dance party! When the kids were tired from dancing, Jasmine played "genie says" with them. The kids were great listeners and the birthday girl won the game. After that, it was time for princess lessons followed by a royal coronation ceremony. Jasmine crowned the birthday girl "Princess of the the Day". Jasmine loved spending the day celebrating in Tribeca and even went to one of the local cafes for dinner after the party. She can't wait to be invited back for another birthday party

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