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Princess Party FAQ's #1 "What is 'Basic Face Painting'?"

At our princess parties, we do a plethora of things sure to delight your birthday child and your guests. We sing, teach princesses lessons, play games, dance, and do basic face painting. The term "basic" leaves some parents wondering what that means, so we're breaking it down for you here.

  1. Time spent and intricacy We allot 2 minutes per child for face painting during parties. This means we will paint things that can be done in two minutes. If a child wants Spiderman, we will do a half face Spiderman mask instead of a full one. If I child wants a monkey, we will do just the ears, nose, and details, but we won't paint the full face.

  2. Design choices

Each performer has a different style of painting. We all take requests from the child and paint accordingly. We do not have templates or options for designs.

3. Examples

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