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So Much Holiday Family Fun in Jersey City, NJ

This weekend's Jersey City Royal Holiday Breakfast "sleighed". Elsa, Anna, Jasmine, Mirabel, Merida, and Belle all made their way to Historic Downtown Jersey City to ring in the season with the citizens.

A delightful winter breakfast spread of waffles, berries, bagels, steel cut oats, hot cocoa, coffee, and more filled the bellies of the families in attendance.

After breakfast was served, the princesses began their show. Mirabel and Princess Jasmine started off the show with a heart warming rendeition of "When You Believe". The Princesses then sang Holiday favorite "My Favorite Things", followed by Elsa and Anna's "Winter Wonderland"!

The princesses then took a break to join the party. They took photos with the guests, introduced themselves to everyone, and even joked around.

Then the group of princesses decided to grace the guests with more singing! They sang "Let it Snow", "Feliz Navidad", and "Sleigh Ride". During "Feliz Navidad" and "Sleigh Ride" the children joined the princesses on the dance floor! They learned a salsa step, did a conga line, and galloped about.

We are so proud of the smash hit Princess Breakfast in Jersey City. We can't wait for the Father, Daughter Valentine's Dance in February.

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