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Taylor Swift Sweeps the New Jersey Kid's Birthday Party Scene

Taylor Swift...well our Taylor Swift Kid's Birthday Party Entertainer is all the rage in Northern New Jersey. From Hoboken to Clifton and all the way around, our Taylor Swift Impersonator is a having her own eras tour all around New Jersey...even sometimes NYC too!

What does she do? We'll tell you!

She sings live! Remember, the staff here at Jersey City Party Characters all sing live! They put their voice lessons and musical theater experience to work as they gleefully portray Taylor Swift.

She does makeovers! I'm certain that you and your child know all about Taylor Swift's love for all that shimmers, so we're going to make your child and guests shimmer. Glitter eyeshadow, glitter hairspray, blush, nail polish, and sparkle lip gloss. Your child will feel performance ready with our makeovers

She teaches you to perform! Taylor hasn't always been known for her dancing, but she's come a long way! Out Taylor Swift performer will teach the child guests a dance combination that will make them feel like they're tour ready.

We can't wait to celebrate with you!

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