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Family Friendly Black History Month Activities in Jersey City, Hoboken, and Beyond

I think we all agree that celebration of African Americans and members of the African Diaspora's contributions to the overall progress of society in pretty much every way cannot be confined to one month. From pressuring the government to provide freedom for ALL people to turning their turmoil into the beautiful art forms we consume every day, we have so much to thank the collective African Diaspora for. However, if your journey to diversifying the knowledge within your family is beginning with Black History Month , here are a few out of the box ideas to hit the ground running.

Try African American and African Diasporic Foods Around Town.

We're blessed to have a diverse food scene here in North Jersey, start your kids young. A child of immigrants myself, my childhood was plagued with memories of American kids bullying me for my cultural foods at the lunch table. Broadening your child's palette can be the first step in making sure your kids are open hearted and accepting of others! Try these local Black owned restaurants with your family,

Consume Black Media...That's Not Just About Trauma

Often, acclaimed Black stories are about black suffering. Introducing your family to Blackness by showing them suffering is debatably just as damaging as showing them black people as negative stereotypes. Show your family black people existing as people with these family friendly black media pieces.

Family Outings to Celebrate Black History

It's Cool to Be Deliberate

Getting to know people outside of ourselves can be uncomfortable and it doesn't often come without being deliberate about it. This Black History Month, be deliberate about getting to know the Black community around you!

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