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Things to Write on a Birthday Cake That Aren't 'Happy Birthday'

Happy Birthday is great! Don't get me wrong, but we celebrate our birthday every year and frankly, I'm bored of it! Sure, it's nice to keep it classic, but if you're wanting to mix it up and get some creativity points from your guests, here are some fun cake writing ideas for your next birthday party,

  1. Celebrating _________ Simple and a little fancy.

  2. Thankful for Another Year of ________ It's your birthday! Anyone at your party better be thankful for you!

  3. It's a Good Year to Be ______ It's a going to be a good year! Speak it into existence and eat it on your cake!

  4. Blessed to Have _____ Are you a blessing onto others? Hopefully the answer is "yes"

  5. We Love ______ So sweet <3

  6. ____Is Turning___ Clear and straightforward.

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