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What Happens at an Elsa and Anna Princess Party

Elsa and Anna birthday party princess characters in Hoboken NJ
Elsa and Anna birthday party characters at a party in Hoboken, NJ

Elsa and Anna are a favorite sister duo among kids and grownups alike. The inspiring story, enchanting songs, and Elsa's cool superpowers have made their movies popular for over 10 years. So, it's no surprise that Elsa and Anna are one of our most popular princess party duos. They get invited to parties almost every weekend, making them party entertainment experts. Here's what they do when they attend your Frozen birthday party together.

Meet and Greet:

Depending on your space, Elsa and Anna will find the right place to make a grand entrance. Whether they come in through the front door, the backyard, or down a park trail, Elsa and Anna find a way to make their entrance grand. They use their portable speaker to play music from their movie that will grab the attention of your guests and gather all the children around to begin their show. They will introduce themselves to the children and ask for the birthday child. Once they find the birthday child, they will make them feel special and celebrated.


All of our performers are trained singers, so the sing-a-long portion of our birthday visits is sure to impress your child and everyone at the party. Depending on the length of the party, the princesses will sing 2-5 songs from their movies. The children will be encouraged to sing with the princesses (adults are also welcome to join the fun!)


Elsa and Anna will invite the children to have a dance party and play games such as freeze dance, musical chairs, princess says, and more. We usually have time for 2 games depending on the length of the party. No prizes are given out as we find that prizes create upset at parties.

Face Painting:

This one is pretty self explanatory. Elsa and Anna will do basic face painting for the kids. The princesses can accommodate 10-15 kids at a one hour party, 15-25 kids at 90 min party, and 25-35 kids at a 2 hour party.

Birthday Cake Ceremony:

Once the face paint fun is done, Elsa and Anna will ask you to bring the cake out for the big finish, They will join the birthday girl and family behind the cake to take photos and sing Happy Birthday. Once the singing fun is done, Elsa and Anna will help the birthday child cut their slice of cake.

This is everything that happens in one of our Elsa and Anna princess parties. We also have add ons such as tiara ceremonies and hairstyles. Send us a booking inquiry now to start planning the magic for your next princess birthday party.


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