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What is Basic Face Painting at Our Princess Parties?

So, you're looking through our site, trying to book the perfect princess party for your child. You see our list of activities and you're like "what's basic face painting". You're not alone. Though it seems like a silly question, we understand that your money is hard earned and you want to n is what you're spending it on. So, we're writing this article to break it down for you.

Basic face painting is face painting on speed mode. We only have about 2 min per child to spend on face paint. At a one hour party, we can accommodate up to 10 kids. At a 90 min party, we can accommodate 15-18 kids, at a 2 hour party, we can accommodate 18-25 kids. We do this by offering a more basic form of painting. This means less outlining, simpler designs, and smaller ideas. If a child asks for Spiderman, we give them a half face mask instead of a full mask. If a child asks for a seahorse, we will paint it on their cheek instead of doing the whole face.

The face paint is cute and the kids love it! It's just a little bit simpler.

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