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When Should I Book My Birthday Party Princess Performer?

So, you're planning your child's birthday party and there are a million moving parts. From the invitations to the food to the venue, it's all a ton of work. Your child loves a certain character and you'll do whatever it takes to make their dream come true. It's your dream come true too! You finally have the chance to give your child the kind of parties you dreamed about as a child. You want it to go perfectly, but you aren't quite sure of what order to do everything in. The good thing is that we are experts here at Jersey City Party Characters and we're here to help.

First, I think it's important to understand how character entertainment booking works. Companies have a staff of people assigned to certain characters that they look similar too, staff members are based in certain areas and are assigned to certain zones based on their home location, and each staff member is assigned parties based on how long it takes to get from one party to another. Though we'd like to be everything everywhere all at once, it's quite the scheduling feat to complete a weekend of parties.

Now that you know that, consider your venue. Are you having the party at home? If so, you can have it whenever you feel like. If you're booking some sort of event so save, you'll need to work with the character company and the event venue to find a party time that the character can attend and the venue has available. If you're booking a venue, we recommend booking your character at least 2-3 months in advance due to the rigidity of the party schedule you'll be working with. This will save you a ton of stress and make the party a breeze.

If you are booking for an at home party, you may not need to book as far in advance because the beauty of hosting at home is that it's all about your rules. We do however, recommend reaching out to the party company before you get married to the idea of a time and send out invites to all of your guests. We've seen one too many parents stressed out and frazzled by inviting guests before booking the entertainment. If you do run into this problem, we are here to tell you that it is okay to adjust the time of your party to accommodate when you can find an available character. We recommend booking a character for an at home party 3-5 weeks in advance!

Whether your booking Belle, Moana, Elsa or another popular princess for your party, we have your back. We hope you find these booking time frame tips helpful!

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